Pro Advanced Makeup Course Enrolment Form

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COURSE OF STUDY: Pro Advanced 6 week Makeup Course

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DATE OF COURSE COMMENCEMENT: ________________________________


Course Payment


Pro Advanced Makeup course

Course Fee’s:          $1600

All Fee’s must be paid prior to commencing the course.



I  authorize Artists@Play Makeup Academy to charge $160 deposit to the credit card below for payment of the deposit for the Pro Advanced Makeup course

held at Artists@Play

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I authorise Artists@Play to charge the remaining $1440 to the credit card below on the Monday of the week prior to course commencement date.

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I am enclosing my deposit and registration fee of $100.00 and understand that this amount is non refundable should I fail to commence with the course. If accepted by artists@play I understand the academy reserves the right to change or cancel the start date. All courses are payable in full prior to commencement.


Or alternatively Bank transferred can be made to the below account – a copy of the transfer receipt must me sent with enrolment form as proof of payment. Please use your Last name as a reference.



BSB 306058


SIGNED: _____________________________________________

DATE: ________________________________


Our Mission

Deliver a sophisticated make up artistry programme, which is focused on teaching both contemporary trend and traditional techniques, conceptual application of make up design, effective and dynamic communication skills and professional work standards.  Maintain small class groups (maximum of 8 students per group), employ industry-based lecturers to teach our curriculum and provide students with an inspirational journey.


An Agreement Between Students and Artists@play

Artists@play is committed to establishing an atmosphere where people can learn, grow, explore and develop.  Artists@play believes in providing training, tools and help people understand the skills required to work as a make up artist.  Artists@play commits to developing students potential whilst working together with them on their artistic ability and creativity.

I commit to share my abilities, my ideas and experience with other students and staff.  To treat fellow students and staff with the same respect that I wish in return.  I commit to listening and working together with lecturers whilst in class.




Students Name and Signature



Policies and Procedures


Training and Assessment

At Artists@play we have designed our curriculum, which meets the industry standards required. We have developed policies and management practices which maintain high professional standards in the deliverance of training and assessment services, which maintain a safe working and learning environment and provide our students with the best opportunity to learn the art of Make up.

One of the key objectives at Artists@play is to create a learning environment that reflects stimulation, motivation and support.  Our selection process of perspective students achieves this, coupled with the employment of experienced and industry-based lecturers.

Our lecturers are provided with ongoing training and development in order to maintain the highest level of artistry skill required to monitor and assess the performance and progress of our students.

At Artists@play our assessment procedures are reflective of industry standards requirements.  Students are given the opportunity to work with their lecturer to achieve competency in the art of make up throughout the course.

Reference Material and Information

At Artists@play we pride ourselves on providing our students with reference material and information that is accurate and up to date.  We are constantly updating our information to ensure that we are current and reflective of trend.

Support Services

At Artists@play, we operate with small class groups to ensure that students receive the best possible support from their lecturer.  We provide provision for individuals to access our senior management teams if their allocated instructor is unavailable or not appropriate.

Student Information Management

At Artists@play we maintain and complete accurate records of the attendance and progress of students, as well as financial records that reflect all payments and charges and the balance due, and provides copies of these records to trainees on request.

At Artists@play we require students to inform us of any change to personal details, such as name, address, phone number and availability.  All personal information will be maintained within a confidential manner at all times.  Students’ personal information will only be used by the school and used solely for correspondence between Artists@play and the student.  All information of past students of the academy may be used in research and informative purposes only.

Orientation & Induction

On commencement of your course, your lecturer will provide you with an orientation of the Academy; discuss your course outline and work through your student handbook. The student must read the student handbook to ensure they understand and agree to abide by the policies and procedures, including the refund policy.

Financial Policy

Artists@play reserves the right to refuse the continuation of their course program if students are in breech of minimum payment terms and/or payment plans (unless suitable arrangements have been made) and will be liable for debt recovery and/or legal costs associated with recovery of overdue fees.  Artists@play reserves the right to defer any outstanding course assessments, and therefore the issuance of a certificate, until payment of outstanding course fees are paid.  If the student does not pay the outstanding fees within the agreed payment time frame, unless suitable arrangements have been made, then Artists@play reserves the right to pass on the outstanding fees to a debt collector, which will incur extra fees.

Course Deposit

On application to a course a $100.00 deposit (non refundable) is required to confirm a position in the course, this however transferable if you decide to change courses. On application to your chosen course, prices and payment will be discussed with the by the administration staff.  The deposit is not an additional expense and is identified as a payment of your account.

Finance Options

A payment plan of course fees are available to students studying Beginner to Advanced, however an appointment needs to made to discuss this option with the schools director.  NB, this is not general practice and only meets specific criteria.

Deferment of Enrolment

At Artists@play we endeavour to accommodate students in the best possible way at all times, if a student requests to defer their studies then the following guidelines apply –

  • A student is required to provide written notification of deferment.
  • A student is only allowed to defer commencement or suspend studies of a course on compassionate circumstances and medical grounds (a medical certificate will be required).

Missed Classes/ Re-sit Policy

 Catchup/Re-sit classes are on offer to students where absences are unavoidable such as illness, bereavement and unforeseen circumstances etc., and we consider each student’s needs in relation to this policy on a compassionate basis. Where written notification of such absences can be provided, catch up classes can be arranged by administration at no additional cost.

If arranged catch-up class is missed/not attended, a fee will be applicable to reschedule your class.

If Lecturers deem it necessary for you to re-sit a class (due to a not yet competent ruling), this is also arranged at no cost to the student. Upon 2nd attempt of re-sitting the class and unable to fulfill the class requirement, a re-sit fee will apply to attend the class to fulfill certification requirement.

If you are aware of absences that may be incurred throughout the course upon enrolment (booked holidays etc.), and choose to progress with your enrolment, you may certainly enter into a catchup class to ensure completion of course requirements and achieve certification, however tuition fees will apply for you to attend these classes. This is arranged at your enrolment with administration staff.

All catchup/ re-sit classes must be completed within 6 months of finish date for the intake enrolled, unless pre-arranged and confirmed catchup classes prior to this time, fall outside this time period.  Re-sit fees to join missed classes will apply where students contact us 6 months after their course completion date, and are at the discretion of our Director.

Relating to all students that must re-sit or enter a catchup class for any reason: Certification is provided once all required classes/nominal hours are attended, lecturers progress reports and as requested a reasonable amount of course hours completed, can be checked and processed by administration and our Director.


Participants are required to bring in models for some practical classes. This enables the participant to work with different client’s needs and to complete more applications in class time. It is a requirement that each participant be willing to be a model for other participants in the classroom, unless other suitable arrangements have been made with the management at Artists@play.

At artists@play we request that you ask permission to touch the clients face prior to application of cosmetics.  Equally, we expect all models to be treated with the up most professionalism even if the model is well known to the client.

Work Experience

Artists@play has no formal work experience programme for students.  However, we do encourage students to assist our Instructors on any editorials, bridal or photo shoots.  Artists@play sponsor several events throughout the calendar year and students are always notified and encouraged to attend these events for experience.

Students who represent Artists@play during any of the above work experience opportunities are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in this booklet.   It is also essential to remember, any work experience opportunities are an excellent way of gaining valuable insight into the make up industry.


Students are expected to be punctual at all times.  Punctuality is vital for excellent learning outcomes and minimal class distraction.  We do understand that lateness is unavoidable, so if a student is late then we require them to be quite and discrete whilst entering the classroom.


Artists@play has a zero tolerance policy to behaviour that is offensive, aggressive, disruptive, discriminatory, abusive, sexists or intimidating.  The Academy reserves the right to ask any student or staff member to leave the premises immediately if the any of the above behaviour is witnessed and may result in be withdrawal from the course, pending further investigation.

Participants shall work cooperatively with colleagues, support and learn from each other and accept differences in personal style. Participants shall respect, and seek when necessary, the professional opinions of colleagues in their area of competence, and acknowledge their contribution

Dress and Personal Hygiene

At Artists@play it is requested that both students and lecturers personal presentation is clean and tidy to reflect the companies professional image this also includes an acceptable level of personal hygiene.  Artists@play supplies no uniform and it is not a requirement of the academy.  Casual clothing is not acceptable. For example, the following are not considered appropriate workplace dress standard: tracksuits, denim jeans, running shoes, rubber thongs, hats, scarves or beachwear. Students and Lectures who deviate from this policy will be requested to leave the training facility in order to change their dress.


A non-smoking policy exists within the building. Smoking is permitted only outside of the building, and all cigarette butts are to be placed in the ashtray provided.

Alcohol and Illicit substances

It is the responsibility of Artists@play to ensure that all persons on the premises are not under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances.  If an individual presents under the influence then they will be asked to leave the academy immediately and the director will be contacted to investigate the situation further.  If individuals are experiencing issues with alcohol and illicit substances. We encourage them to seek assistance with their local drug and alcohol services.

General Housekeeping

A refrigerator is available for use to store food and drinks, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain any spills that may occur and leave the fridge in the same way they discovered it.  At Artists@play cleaning and hygiene standards are part of the students curriculum and therefore it is the responsibility of the student to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment at all times.  Only water is to be consumed in the training area.  There is an allocated area for students to place bags and personal items and we encourage students to remove bags from desks and the floor. All mobile phones are to be switched off during class times, unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor.  The academy is unable to give students medicines for any reason. This includes aspirin and other headache-relieving preparations

Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare

At Artists@play it is our responsibility to maintain and promote a safe and healthy environment for our students at all times.  It is our responsibility to report injury, accident and provide functioning and workable equipment at all times.  We require our students to adhere to our guidelines and report any potential hazards or faulty equipment to the management of the school immediately.

Complaint Policy and procedures

At artists@play we take all complaints seriously and we encourage a fair and impartial management of personal complaints to reach the best possible outcome for the student and the academy. All students are encouraged to approach the schools operations manager with their initial complaint (confidentiality and privacy will be maintained at all times!) The Operations Manager will facilitate a conflict resolution process with all parties involved.  All complaints will be discussed with the schools director.   If an individual feels that a complaint has not been dealt with appropriately or disagrees with an outcome, then they are encouraged to seek independent advice at no cost to artists@play.

Sexual Harassment Policy and procedures

It is the policy of artists@play to maintain a healthy and creative working environment free from all forms of sexual harassment. We take sexual harassment very seriously and have a zero tolerance policy.  Any individual associated with artists@play who is subject to sexual harassment should contact the Manager immediately.

Guidelines to report and management sexual harassment at artists@play

  1. Inform the harasser of how you feel and politely encourage him/her to stop immediately. If available have a witness present. It is important to inform the harasser what he/she is specifically doing that makes you feel vulnerable or threatened.
  2. If you are not confident in verbalising your concerns then a non-verbal form of communication will be appropriate, such as a letter. Please date and copy your letter for future reference.
  3. If you believe the harassment has not stopped then you need to report it immediately to your area manager.
  4. The Manager will conduct an investigation into the situation and maintain strict confidentiality and privacy guidelines. . Both the accused and the complaining individual have equal privacy rights under the law.

Breach of Policy Process

The process is dependent on the seriousness of the breach and the academy’s director will decide the course of action.

Best Practice

Best practice is an ongoing process in our daily operations.  This helps us understand student and lecturer needs and implement the appropriate programmes; research and investigations to assist in further developing our existing highly regarded curriculum and reputation.

On completion of your course, artists@play requests our organisation seeks feedback from our students and clients on their satisfaction with services they have received and will endeavour to improve its services in accordance with their recommendations or suggestions.